Fast and Accurate Service Using Latest 3D Laser Scanning Technology

Our team of experts use the latest technology and software in the trade to assist your projects. We provide measured surveys, 3D BIMs, point cloud services and 2D drawings on request.

3D Laser Scanning Services Across Sheffield

Our team of expert 3D laser surveyors provide comprehensive measured building surveys and laser scanning surveys for architectural and construction purposes. 

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    3D Laser Scanning Services across Sheffield

    We support Measured Building Survey and 3D Laser Scanning needs across Sheffield through a wide variety of specialist services.

    Measured Building Survey

    Need a complete and accurate measured building survey? We will conduct 3D laser scan and send you all the drawings in any format.

    Point Cloud Registration

    Get your project 3D laser scanned and receive the point cloud ready for the project and take an advantage of 360-degree views.

    2D As Built Drawings

    We deliver highly accurate and detailed 2D drawings in any format. Let us help you with getting as-built 2D drawings to start developing your project.

    3D BIM Models

    Get your project 3D laser scanned and receive as built 3D BIM Model in Revit software. Start developing your projects straight away.
    3D Laser Scanning Services

    Experienced team delivering your Measured Building Survey 3D Laser Scanning services.

    Our team has 5+ years of experience within the 3D Laser Scanning field, using the best and well-trusted technology to complete the job and help drive your architectural or construction project to success. Receive reliable and accurate 2D as-built CAD Drawings, 3D Point Cloud and BIM Models when completing a measured building survey anywhere across Sheffield. We are here to leave clients satisfied and assist you in completing your project with no problems and no delays!

    Who Are Our Clients?

    We work with a variety of professionals. We support architects, interior designers, contractors and construction professionals. We’re here to help businesses and individuals across Sheffield with 3D laser scanning services for a variety of purposes. We scan and deliver Point Cloud, as built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models for commercial and residential projects, as well as construction sites.

    What Do We Do?

    We work with industry-leading technology and software to deliver the highest standard laser scanning services and drawing standards: from Point Cloud to 2D Drawings and 3D BIM models. We use global names in laser scanning suites such as Scene, AutoCAD and Revit, as well as Faro scanners, the leading 3D laser scanning technology.
    How we work

    Work Process


    We ask a few questions about the site: size, location, floor plans, photos etc., gathering all necessary information.


    You receive a quote and confirm the date for the survey. It can be done as early as the next day.


    We conduct the survey and process the data into the point cloud, measured building survey drawings or 3D BIM models.


    You receive Point Cloud, Drawings and Models. Ready for you to use in the format of your choice.
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    Why Hire Us?

    There Are Four Great Reasons To Hire Our Sheffield 3D Laser Scanning Specialists.​
    Scan to 3D Point Cloud data

    We Offer Affordable, Competitive Rates

    Choose our company offering leading rates which you can completely rely on and trust.
    Architectural measured building site

    Complete Accuracy

    We work to impeccable detail across all measured building surveys, as built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models.
    Measured Building Survey 3D Laser Scanning Services

    It’s Efficient

    Our service is quick and easy to book with right away. You tell us what you need, we scan, we deliver.

    Friendly Care and Support

    Work with a team that’s friendly, receptive, and ready to help. Our business is based on referrals and repeat business.
    Get in touch with us right away if you have a project in mind. We’ll get your measured survey, as built 2D plans and 3D BIM models plans up and running in no time

    Let Us Help!

    Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

    Sam Wright
    Sam Wright
    Absolutely perfect! Our construction company is more than happy to have you by our side for the last 3 year! Quality of work is 10 out of 10! Pleasure to work with you guys! More than highly recommended to everyone!
    Anne Thompson
    Anne Thompson
    I was impressed by the professionalism of the 7 Measured survey team during our measured building survey on site of another farm project. Weather conditions weren't appropriate to even come outside, but surveyors came and completed their job on time with no complaints about it. Very positive, polite and friendly people! Highly recommended!
    Paul Bradly
    Paul Bradly
    I am glad I came across this team of professionals. Very responsive and efficient service. Drawings received on time in delaited good quality. Highly recommended.
    John Terry
    John Terry
    My property development company needed an urgent measured survey to be done for the office blocks project. We received a quote the same day, many thanks for brilliant customer service! 7 Measured survey team were very responsive and efficient. Final results were excellent! Well-organized professionals in their work sphere. Highly recommended!
    James Stuart
    James Stuart
    One of the most reliable measured survey companies! I would definitely give these guys 10 out of 10. Always helpful and flexible approach, drawings coming on time in a very high quality.
    Darcy Snow
    Darcy Snow
    I requested a 3D point cloud survey at 7 Measured survey for my property. The service was good. The team was friendly. The plan was clear. Excellent work, guys. Thank you!
    Julian Rage
    Julian Rage
    This is my number one measured building survey company. The team was, as always, amiable and willing to help in any of my complex requirements. Highly recommended.