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Sheffield Drone Surveys

Are you planning land surveys and building work in Sheffield?

Sheffield drone surveys offer you a safe and comprehensive way to plan for land development, building work and more.  Our team uses leading UAV technology and 3D laser scanning services to make sure your plans are precise, reliable, and available in a range of formats.

Drone surveying and UAV surveys are changing the way town and building planners are taking shots from above.  Our safe, legal and reliable services will ensure you receive detailed, trustworthy plans which you can use to build projects on across the local area.  Read on for more details about Sheffield drone surveying.

Drone surveying land and roof
Sheffield drone roof surveying allows you to see your project area from above, and in a whole new light. Want to capture accurate measurements of land expanses from above? Instead of spending time and money on complex resources, you can deploy a simple drone or UAV to take full shots from up in the air.

Our leading Sheffield UAV services will capture and analyse buildings, roofs, urban zones, wide open spaces and more. We will take the time to carefully capture and produce flexible plans for you to edit and build on. Take advantage of aerial surveying in 2D, 3D, and in incredible detail. Drone building survey options are leading the way in aerial capture and analysis.
• Drone surveying and UAV surveys in Sheffield take away the need for guesswork. By deploying a drone into the sky, you can ensure that every inch of your land and building, roofs and local services, are taken into account – at immense precision.
• All drone site survey services are safe. In fact, they are the safest legal options for taking aerial maps and photography. There is no need for physical height work or extensive labour.
• Drone surveying in Sheffield is cost-effective. One-off survey fees are affordable and will save you money in future technology, software and labour costs.
• You may use drone surveys to create maps and up to date land data. Cartography based on drone and UAV drone survey data is precise and reliable for extensive time to come.
• You may benefit from drone surveys if you need to take analyses of roofing and urban development.
• You may also benefit from drone survey mapping if you need to plan for town and public services, and to take into account built-up areas.
• Drone surveys are also useful for planning around hazards. It is not always simple to account for sloping and landslides on the ground.
How much do Sheffield drone surveys cost? This may vary from project to project. The following factors may change the price you pay:

• Where your survey is taking place
• How much land or building area you need to capture
• Whether or not your land or area is close to public services
• How easy it is to access your site or area
• Which type of building or land you need surveying
Drone survey formats may vary depending on your needs. Here are just a few exports you may expect:

• 3D point cloud, in .xyz, .ply, .las and .laz
• 3D texture mesh, in .dxf, .pdf, .ply, .obj and .fbx
• Contours, in .shp, .pdf and .dxf
• Orthomosaics, in .tiff, .kml, .jpg, .png and .html
• DSMs, in .xyz, .laz, .tiff and .las

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Sam Wright
Sam Wright
Absolutely perfect! Our construction company is more than happy to have you by our side for the last 3 year! Quality of work is 10 out of 10! Pleasure to work with you guys! More than highly recommended to everyone!
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson
I was impressed by the professionalism of the 7 Measured survey team during our measured building survey on site of another farm project. Weather conditions weren't appropriate to even come outside, but surveyors came and completed their job on time with no complaints about it. Very positive, polite and friendly people! Highly recommended!
Paul Bradly
Paul Bradly
I am glad I came across this team of professionals. Very responsive and efficient service. Drawings received on time in delaited good quality. Highly recommended.
John Terry
John Terry
My property development company needed an urgent measured survey to be done for the office blocks project. We received a quote the same day, many thanks for brilliant customer service! 7 Measured survey team were very responsive and efficient. Final results were excellent! Well-organized professionals in their work sphere. Highly recommended!
James Stuart
James Stuart
One of the most reliable measured survey companies! I would definitely give these guys 10 out of 10. Always helpful and flexible approach, drawings coming on time in a very high quality.
Darcy Snow
Darcy Snow
I requested a 3D point cloud survey at 7 Measured survey for my property. The service was good. The team was friendly. The plan was clear. Excellent work, guys. Thank you!
Julian Rage
Julian Rage
This is my number one measured building survey company. The team was, as always, amiable and willing to help in any of my complex requirements. Highly recommended.

Safety Protocol

We are a leading drone surveying company in Sheffield.  As such, we make sure to follow all necessary safety protocols when it comes to undertaking full surveys, planning and mapping. 

Want to know more about our work with Sheffield drone surveys?  Call us now or contact our 3D laser scanning company through online form at your convenience.  Let 7 Measured Survey be your only point of contact.

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