3D Point cloud building levels


If you’re an architect, or if you are in any way involved in interior or exterior design, you could benefit from 3D laser scanning. The ways in which people plan for spaces and capture data is changing. While some of us are still happy to do everything by hand, 3D laser scanners in Sheffield and elsewhere could really help to make your life a lot easier. That’s why so many professional teams are looking into point cloud surveys to increase the accuracy of their work.

However, there are actually more than a few demonstrable benefits in using point cloud data. Our Sheffield 3D laser scanning services offer clients the chance to free up time, to cut down on hassle, and even to save money. Surely it makes sense that you’ll want to take a look into a service or tools which are guaranteed to make your life easier!

However, before you go ahead and book any Sheffield 3D laser scanning services, you should at least read up a little on what you can expect. What is point cloud, and how exactly is it helping to change the world of architectural planning for the better?
Interior point cloud building data


Whenever you work with a 3D laser scanning service in Sheffield or elsewhere, you’ll have access to point cloud data. This data is crucial to the whole process! It allows you to map points on physical spaces and 3D objects.

A 3D laser scan will capture point cloud data in just a matter of minutes. Then, this data can be used to help develop 2D elevations, plans, and as-built 3D BIM models. This data can export for use and manipulation in software such as Revit, for example. You can then take this data to closer plan for the specifics of your project.

For further detail and accuracy, you can transfer point cloud data into BIM software and AutoCAD. This will help you to develop full 3D plans, which are fantastic for detailed project design, as well as for building product and customer demonstrations. Ultimately, it’s an asset in providing confidence to all parties involved. Fantastic tools such as FARO 3D laser scanners can provide a lot of support!


Anyone already working in architectural design may already be able to guess the benefits of point cloud data in planning. However, they are well worth looking at in detail, even before you consider looking into 3D laser scanning!

Point cloud data is endlessly flexible and adaptable. This means that, in a variety of software, such as AutoDesk AutoCAD, you can edit, manipulate and transform data captured through full 3D scans as much as you desire. It’s a great way to take a look at a physical space and to plan within it without ever being there. Crucially, point cloud survey data lets you ‘copy’ and take a physical space away with you to manipulate.

The accuracy you receive with 3D laser scans is unbeatable. Using the best 3D laser scanning tools, our Sheffield 3D laser scanning service will be able to map out millions of points within a millimetre of accuracy. How easy is that to achieve through physical or manual measuring? It’s near impossible!

What’s more, with quicker results, and less time for you to spend on measuring and planning, it is money saved across your whole project. That means you can afford to take on more clients, and maybe even re-evaluate how you charge for your services. Point cloud and 3D laser scanning Sheffield practices could transform the way you take on work, as well as how you approach your clients. Hopefully, you can approach them with more confidence!


3D laser scanning in Sheffield is going mainstream. While some architects and designers continue to map and measure through traditional tools, point cloud and 3D scanning are continuing to change the game.

When you need unrivalled accuracy, speed of data capture, and unlimited data manipulation, no other choices work quite as well as 3D laser scanning, no matter where you are. Need help getting 3D laser scanning up and running? Want more accuracy in your projects and plans? Book with a Sheffield 3D laser scanning services company now for a free, no-obligation quote.