Why you need a measured survey for your construction projects


Measured Survey for your Building Project

A measured survey serves as the foundation of any design process as it helps avoid any inaccuracies during the construction process. You need an in-depth measured survey before commencing your building project to ensure that it is built correctly, and the construction process runs smoothly. Therefore, it is important to understand what a measured survey is, and why it is a crucial undertaking before beginning any building project.

What is a measured survey?

A measured survey is the process of taking accurate measurements in order to produce detailed CAD drawings such as floor plans, elevations and section drawings. The data and drawings from a measured survey form the basis of any design process. These surveys are specified to a certain level of detail, with acceptable tolerances for scale, accuracy, delivery times, and costs. Our measured surveys can vary in detail depending on a client’s requirements and specifications; with a basic survey entailing elements such as doors, windows, walls, and level changes. A more detailed survey showcases plumbing, electrical layouts, and more precise information.

When do you need a measured survey?

A measured survey is required to help begin a construction project correctly. The survey is a crucial component of any design process since the issues that arise at this stage will be repeated and amplified throughout the building process.
You need a measured survey prior to refurbishments and redevelopment works. Data from this survey has various potential uses as outlined below:
  • Sale, acquisition, leasing or registration of land or property.
  • Establishment of tax requirements, or valuing a property.
  • In the management of a facility or laying out services
  • Health and safety planning, for instance, in the production of a fire plan layout.
  • To fulfil licensing requirements
  • To resolve right to light and party wall issues

Measured Survey Method

Depending on the level of detail needed by a client, our specialist team of surveyors may employ a variety of equipment as follows:

Low-tech equipment such as:

  • Laser disto metres
  • Measuring wheels
  • Rulers
  • Tape measures

High-tech equipment such as:

  • GPS equipment
  • Total stations
  • 3D laser scanners

As built Drawings

How is survey data delivered?

Receive your deliverables as requested, in any of the following formats:
  • Drawings, such as floor plans, roof plans, elevations, sections, and more.
  • 3D models in CAD, Revit, or SketchUp formats.
  • Point cloud data (from our laser scanning survey) in greyscale or coloured format.
  • 360 view tours
  • Plans overlaid with rectified photographic visualisations (Orthophotos)
  • Fly-through

What we offer

We provide professional measured building surveys using our latest 3D laser scanning technology and equipment. Sheffield Measured Survey guarantees an accurate digital representation of an existing building or structure in line with the level of detail requested by a client. Receive the survey results in formats such as point cloud, as-built drawings, or 3D BIM models to assist in your design, planning, or redevelopment works across Sheffield and UK.

What will you receive from a Measured Building Survey Service?

Receive accurate digital representation of an existing building and structures in your requested format and level of detail, as either 3D point cloud, scaled as-built 2D drawings, or 3D BIM Models for redevelopment, planning, and designing process of your project. We provide secure services for sensitive environment and construction sites. Book your survey service and receive information on structural elements and features such as floor levels, walls, doors, beams, fitting, windows, heights and more through our reliable measured surveys.

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