What are the key benefits of a Topographical Survey?


Topographical Survey for Buildings and Land

A topographical survey gathers spatial information about the site and its natural and man-made land features. This can often be related to Ordnance Survey National Grid and datum information (using GPS) and surveyed by point. It is acceptable that points are positioned in three dimensions, facilitating ground modelling and visualisations to be produced from the topographical survey.

Additional information can be integrated into the topographical survey to assist the design team in taking account of the necessary and relevant site constraints, such as:
  • Underground utility information (from radar tracing and integrating utility records data) through an underground survey service.
  • Site sections through diverse gradient transect.
  • Spot heights of surrounding land.
  • Site features, i.e., neighbouring properties, to assess overlooking.

Like homeowners, architects, developers, estate managers, retailers, and engineers, our topographical surveys can assist in learning about the features of your site or property.

What can you expect from a Topographical Survey service

Receive accurate and detailed survey reports from our surveys as either scaled 2D AutoCAD drawings, point cloud data, or 3D BIM Models as required. We provide accurate surveys on your area of interest, such as area boundary lines, water channels and levels, trees, bushes, vegetation positions, ground heights, surfaces, and contours, using advanced 3D laser scanning technology, surveying technology such as GPS, Total stations and more.

Key Benefits of a Topographical Survey

  • You get a complete picture of the land you are developing. This includes off-site and near-site features that could slow or stop a construction project.
  • Topographical survey will give you visibility over the whole plot of land, which will in turn help you figure out which design and construction methods are most suitable for application.
  • The risk of costly mistakes caused by unforeseen issues will be reduced.
  • You will potentially save time and money by being able to provide your design and build team with information about land constraints.
  • Topographical surveys could make you aware of any need for additional surveys well in advance.
  • In the case of purchased land, a topographical survey can reveal any information that might be hidden from plain sight, such as changes that have occurred on the area over time.

Why prefer Sheffield’s Topographical Survey Services?

Our topographical surveys provide full scanning services for larger areas and comprehensive sites. 7 Measured Survey company has the expertise and advanced equipment required to deliver quality and cost-effective survey services across Sheffield. Receive topographical surveys at the early stage of your project from a professional and trusted topographical surveyor with extensive experience to save on time and cost.

Our surveyors tracing underground cables and pipes use radio detectors methods and ground-penetrating radars. These techniques compose a highly detailed below the surface profile using the latest technology; hence providing vital detail required for project planning prior to any prospective works.

Completed drawings allow site engineers and architects to plan the site as accurately as possible, avoiding general and huge mistakes. This will improve communications and increase safety levels for workers on-site in general.

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