3D Laser scanner in front of residential building


3D laser scanning is a technique used to capture the actual size and shape of an object using laser lights. It is a technology that analyses and efficiently captures data of the physical object which is then turned into a 3D model. The recreated digital model can be saved, edited, and printed.

Without physical contact 3D laser scanning creates precise records of the object being measured. With high accuracy, 3D laser scanning is the perfect technology for complex surfaces and designs that require exact measurement. This is when a measured building survey company can help. If you are in the Sheffield area and in need of a measured building survey company, you can check out this one.


An object that is to be laser scanned is placed on the bed digitizer. Specialised software is used and drives the laser light as it probe on the surface of the object. With the 3D laser scanning process, a line is projected on the object and the sensor measures the changing distance to the surface in triangulated dots.

On the computer, the recorded shape of the scanned object shows millions of dots which is also called a “point cloud.” The process is very precise which is then converted to a 3 dimensional model. Once the thousands of dots are merged, different software options are used to work on a specific application. A 3D laser scanning service provider then saves the merged dots into different formats including AutoCAD Plant 3D and simple AutoCAD.


3D laser scanning can be used to capture accurate real life data with the following uses:

  • for pre-fabrication purposes

  • TV, games, movies

  • Medical and dental

  • post building management

  • design engineering for upgrades, construction verification, and simulations

  • virtual design and construction

  • architectural documentation and historical site preservation

  • real world capture and/or existing conditions survey

See the solutions and industries supported by the key developer in 3D laser scanning technology here:

  • 3D scanning quickly and accurately captures the physical measurements of the object. With tens of thousands of dots gathered per second with high accuracy, you can start your project right away. 3D laser scanning saves time.

  • Provides the most accurate form of measurement which is ideal for projects with complex designs

  • 3D laser scanning is cost effective as it reduces the risk of spending on unnecessary materials during construction projects. It also saves time from going to and from the surveyed area in events of inaccurate data due to manual measurements.

  • 3D laser scanning avoids project issues. Since data can be easily shared and modified, changes can be applied without delays. It can also help in minimising client inconvenience.

  • It shortens product development and production

  • 3D laser scanning promotes safety. This is the ideal solution to toxic and hazardous areas. Surveyors can scan sites or objects out of harm’s way.

The 3D laser scanning industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Given the numerous advantages, consumer demands will increase.

To fully reap the benefits of 3D laser scanning technology, take a look at the latest addition to the laser scanner industry for better insights.

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