How To Prepare For a Measured Building Survey?


Are you renovating or extending an entire property including its interior spaces?

If so, you should know that one of the most important steps to any home improvement job is measuring the exact dimensions through proper surveying procedures.

Basically, this can aid in making the most of the internal space of any home by allowing plans and drawings to be done. But it is also important to arrange or a building measured survey before any job can begin.

You might have been wondering why on earth do you need to consider hiring measured building survey specialists. Here is a guide to know more about building measured surveys and why they are essential to every property construction or redevelopment.


To highlight the importance of measured building survey, here are main points that can help you understand how it works.

  1. It provides an accurate representation of any building
  2. It shows all structural elements
  3. Special equipment is needed to do it
  4. Surveying can show all features of the building, such as windows, floor levels, heights

A measured building survey is the extensive assessment of a building, covering the external and internal features, such as the cross sections, elevations, and floor plans. Drawing the details of the building via a 3D laser scanning model can help plan out the renovation as it can assist in the redevelopments or extensions.


Homeowners should consider measured building surveys to be quite essential in the redevelopment of a property. Thus, here are steps that can help you prepare for your next big project.

  1. Find out more about the property that will be surveyed. This will help you in getting familiar with the plans or any drawings that already exist.
  2. Ensure that you know the reason why you are going to consider building measured survey and determine what you want to work on in the first place.
  3. It can help to have a little tour around the building and get familiar with its surroundings.
  4.  As much as possible, take photos of the interior space, as it might help in the assessment of the site before surveying.


Aside from the redevelopment of a property, homeowners like you should consider building measured surveys to acquire detailed information of the safety plan. That is because it will be able to record internal floor plans, external and internal elevations, as well as the cross section of the building.

In addition, you should acquire the services of professional building measured surveys due mainly for the following reasons.

  1. Hire the services of a surveying company if you are planning to completely redevelop your home.
  2.  Another reason is when you are planning renovation or extension.
  3. This is also ideal when planning to consider a new layout, or when considering room sizes.
  4.  When ordering materials, it is important to prepare accurate dimensions to avoid waste of time and money in the process.


The cost of building measured surveys can vary depending on the scale of the structure and the level of surveying needed for the job. You need not concern yourself about the cost anyway because we offer a free quotation service.

This will give us the essential information that we require in order to carry out the initial investigation of the site and the building itself. That said, we can give you the most competitive price for the building measured survey service.


If you are not sure on whether or not you need help with your project, you can always request for a quote from us and find out how surveying is done to suit your needs.

7 Measured Survey provide homeowners like you proper guidance on where to begin when you decide to redevelop your home or property.

Our 3D point cloud service is done by experts and survey specialists to provide the best building measured survey that you need before your project begins. You could never go wrong if you rely on professionals to handle the job for you.

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