The importance of an Underground utility survey service


The underground utility survey enables the determination of all underground buried utilities, including water pipes, communication cables, and gas pipelines, among others, through comprehensive mapping. This informs the client of any subsurface utility infrastructures in the site that may limit the project before the start of work on site. Mapping helps reduce the design and planning times as well as risks such as health and safety risks. It also eliminates the need for cost adjustments in the course of an ongoing project.

Methods and Application of Underground Utility Survey

The 7 measured underground utility surveyors specialize in the Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) surveys, Radio Detection Scanning, Drainage Surveys, and the CCTV Drainage Condition Surveys. All these surveys are PAS-128 compliant.

The GPR, for instance, is applicable in locating underground utility objects that may be of different materials from the surrounding environment. The method is appropriate for determining the location of the objects underground which may not be visible. However, they may not determine the exact size of the objects, like in the case with the radio detectors. The application areas include plastic gas pipes, plastic fuel pipes, fiber optic cables, plastic cable ducts, clay pipes, concrete pipes, and plastic vent pipes

The radio detectors can only work when the objects emit signals, only applicable in locating metallic objects. They are thus appropriate for collecting underground utility information on metallic fuel pipes, electricity cables, telecommunication cables, cable TV cables, metallic vents and metallic gas pipes.

Importance of Underground Utility Survey

To avoid potentially critical situations during the site that may influence project cost and durability, we highly recommend that all of our clients complete an underground utility survey.

Our surveyors tracing underground cables and pipes use radio detectors methods and ground-penetrating radars. These techniques compose a highly detailed below the surface profile using the latest technology; hence providing vital detail required for project planning prior to any prospective works.

Completed drawings allow site engineers and architects to plan the site as accurately as possible, avoiding general and huge mistakes. This will improve communications and increase safety levels for workers on-site in general.

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